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If you join the Young marines you can learn different work and phrase here are a few of them.
ALL HANDS: All members of a command.

HATCH: Door or passage.

LADDER: Stairway.

ASHORE: Any shore outside of a naval or Marine Corps reservation.

COVER: Headgear.

AYE, AYE, SIR!: I have received, understood and will odey.



DECK: Floor.

BOOT: Recruit.

CHOW: Food.

CHOW HOUND: One who much enjoys eating.

AS YOU WERE: Cancel previous command.

CHOP-CHOP: Very quickly.

CATHOLE: Field head usually dug 1-foot wide and 1-foot deep.

HEAD: Restroom or Bathroom.

CARRY ON: Continue.

BOW: The front portion fo a ship.

BRIG: Aplace of confinement; a prison.

The Young Marine Handbook contans more then what you see above.
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