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Once you decide where you are going to camp, you begin the planning process. tell at least three people where you are going and when you plan to return. No one can ever be fully prepared for a survival situation. But, proper planning can go a long way toward preventing disaster.



The first thing to do is cheak the weather forecast. Even if good weather is predicted, be aware of sudden changes. Many campers have been caught unprepared. Keep in mind the weather possiblities in the area of the country you plan to camp.


There is an old saying that is pretty accurate when predicting the weather: "Orange sky in the morn', sailors be warned, orange sky at night sailors delight." Other ways to predict good weather are: Fresh spider webs, heavy morning dew, clear bright moon, birds flying in the evening just to name a few. Some ways to predict bad weather are: red sky in the morning, a ring around the moon, flower blossoms closing, no morning dew, and increasing wind.

The following is a cheak list you can use to decide what gear is necessary for a trip
1) Cover

2) Unit T-shirt

3) Camouflage Uniform

4) Clean Underwaer for each day

5) Socks

6) Boots

7) Sneakers

8) Swim suit

9) Soap,wash cloth & towel

10) Toothpaste & toothbrush

11) Gear bag

12) Tent

13) Poncho

14) Sleeping bag

15) Mess kit

16) Bug repellent

17) Map

18) Compass

19) CB radio or ham radio

20) Lantern

21) Sweat shirt

22) Jacket

23) First Aid Kit

24) Utility Knife

25) Whistle or Signal device

26) Canteen

May 15, 16, 17
Field Exercise
return to headquarters